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About us

Alma Team

Alma team is a close group of young writers who are creating through art productions. The main of this team is the establishment of a special cultural identity, exclusively through independent productions. This is a non-profit team that consists of original scriptwriters for cinema, theatre and television.

This team draws an alternative perspective towards culture and art. One of the team’s priorities is to protect the artists’ intellectual work. Alma team hopes to work as a lighthouse of hope for young people who intend to be part of the art world.  

The designation “by alma team”, next to the name of the writer indicates that he/she is a member of the team and that the corresponding production is in accordance with the principles of the specific artistic team.

Projects by alma 

SHOW S'6 (Theatrical show 2011) 

THE PRISONERS (Experimental short film 2012)

TO PANTOPOLEION (Fictional short film 2013)

UP - CYCLING (Documentary 2017 - ON POST PRODUCTION)  

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